Smashed it!

Well, I smashed the Women’s Adventure Film Tour!! Yeah! Over 200 people came to the event and as I watched them filing in and I as I continued to watch more of them file in I started to think, “Holy shit, these people are all here because of me.” It kind of freaked me out!

I gave a talk, which scared the crap out of me, but I just accepted that I wouldn’t die from talking in front of people and did it anyway. Here’s the video of it:

Some stuff went wrong on the night, but I didn’t let it kill my vibe because more stuff went right in the end, and some of the things that went wrong (like someone making off with one of the lucky door prizes) was pretty funny.

I had one freakin’ awesome helper who drove all the way from Toowoomba to give me a hand, and man, was I glad she was there! When I could feel myself starting to slip into crisis mode I just looked at her and knew that everything would be ok. She is the most grounded person I reckon I’ve ever come across. She made up for the cool guy not being able to come. I was a bit sad about that, but he’s having fun doing his own awesome shit in a pretty damn cool place and he’ll be back very soon.

The Moncrieff staff were unreal and the box office manager was the most helpful and accommodating person ever. If I bring the tour back next year I know how easy it will be to deal with these guys. Five out of five stars for their pure brilliance!

I had a cool business owner who took up my offer to collaborate and he set up a flashy display in the foyer. He owns a surf and SUP school and looked just like you’d imagine a real surfy dude would look.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the night. I did too, but I’m glad it’s over (although not yet finished cos I still have a bunch of emails to send to the people who won the lucky door prizes that didn’t get stolen). I think next time I’d probably like to get some help. It’s a big job for one person to run marketing for such an event. Especially a person who has never done anything like that before!

I smashed this awesome event because I know that the courage to get through everday challenges is the same courage that it takes to:

Be Bold