Speech Transcript

We’re more alike than we are different.

Maybe you’ve become stuck on the idea of what kind of person you think you are.

Perhaps this comes from pre-defined roles and what you’ve learned from society at large and your own personal experience.

Ideas that teach you that the boundaries of being female are finite and limited.

Have you ever considered that there are actually no boundaries?


Courage to be bold, courage to accept the challenges that life sends flying your way on some random Tuesday doesn’t grow OUT THERE. It grows IN HERE.

And really, you know that, you do, because you live it everyday.

And, like the air you breath, it would be impossible to live without it.

That courage that you synthesise to get through the everyday, the courage that grows INSIDE HERE,

Is the same courage that it takes to be bold,

To be adventurous and do something new and amazing that could change your life in a way you NEVER thought possible.

I never thought it possible that I could be on stage speaking to a captive audience,


About something which I have always been passionate about.

I never thought it possible that I could hike almost 400km on my own carrying this 22kg pack on my back.

But I was able to do these things and lead the amazing and awesomely adventurous life I do by taking small steps.

All adventure begins with just one step.

Even these amazing and skilful women we’ll see in these beautiful films began their adventures with just one step.

Adventure doesn’t have to be climbing mountains or being the best, fastest or youngest at something.

Adventure lives in simple acts of courage where you decide to

Question an old belief.

Talk to a stranger.

Cut your hair differently.

Try a chai latte for the first time.

These simple acts build on each other giving you confidence and synthesising courage so that you can become the best version of yourself that you can be.

Someone who lives a life that matters.

Someone engaged in a purposeful existence beyond the bounds of an individual life.

Someone who can shape the course of the future.

I hope you enjoy the films and I hope that I can continue to bring the show and others like it to this beautiful part of Qld, where we have access to the most amazing natural landscapes and seascapes in Australia.

I’m Jennifer Parry; your local host for the Bundaberg screening of the Women’s Adventure Film tour.