Surrender to no Toilet

There’s this poem that’s on the wall of a toilet I’ve been to a few times. One of the lines says “…gracefully surrendering the things of youth.”

Why? Why should youth be surrendered at all, and really, what is youth anyway? Why should a poem, or anyone else for that matter, be the boss of telling you when it’s time to pack away all the things you once loved and to put behind you the opportunities for growth that contemporary thinking tells us are the rightful property of only the young; you know, stuff like learning new shit, taking extreme risks and being bold and courageous; dancing in the street, running a marathon, sailing across an ocean; learning a new language, becoming a surfer or riding a horse for the first time.

As far as poems go for offering life advice, I do prefer the one that says “…do not go gentle into that good night.” It’s a poem that implores “…rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Anyone of any age can do anything they want. There are actually no age related restrictions for people who are over 18, only the restrictions we put on ourselves. We live in a youth obsessed culture because we’ve swallowed the idea put forward in the toilet poem about needing to surrender youth. Bullshit. We don’t need to surrender anything. An attitude of decline will bring decline as will an attitude of surrender.

For all of its length and breadth, life must be embraced; acted upon, lived in both its extremes and its comforts. This is where having an attitude of adventure can let you live a life that is longer and broader in experience comparative to your lived years.

Fill your live with adventure and

become someone who never has to surrender anything.