He got broken

For sale: One slightly used-up husband. Still goes, but needs some small and large repairs. Major units still functional. Heart pea-sized but has good beating capacity, if not a bit slow. Will come good with some encouragement, but only on Tuesdays. Good manners, mostly good hygiene. Domesticated. $50 ono.

There’s this cool guy I’m married to and I kind of broke him the other day! I took him on a hike. I wrote the above in my journal at the end of the 39km.

We went to Fraser Island and hiked from Kingfisher Bay Resort on the Western side of the island to Lake McKenzie, then onto Central Station and retraced our way back to Kingfisher two days later. He mostly got broken on the last day. I didn’t make the poor fella do it all in one day!

He’s mostly recovered now. Maybe I won’t even sell him, but who can tell what the future holds. I hope he’ll come on more hikes with me. If I can persuade him of that, then he might get to stay.

It was a good reminder that I have totally lost touch with what it’s like to start from ground zero and that not everyone is ok with walking at 7km/hr carrying a hefty pack. Oops, my bad!





(but make sure you can repeat and are not dead from adventuring too hard)