A Long Way

I’ve just mapped out another bloody long hike. It’s 465km and goes from my house to Brisbane via two Great Walks (Fraser Island and Cooloola). I’ll cut into the guts after I’ve walked to Caloundra and go via Woodford, Dayboro and Samford. That way I can avoid the oh-so-scenic Bruce Highway entirely, well, apart from where I’ll have to cross it at the end of Caloundra Road. Not sure how I’ll manage that yet, but it will work itself out; everything always does.

Have you ever noticed that? Stuff is hard, things go pear-shaped and sometimes it’s annoying and inconvenient, but for the most part, everything pretty much always works itself out. It doesn’t always happen straight away and sometimes it takes a lot of guts to get through the hard shit, but once you do, it’s gone and you don’t have to do it anymore because it’s in the past and as soon as you get past it, you can look back and go, “Fark, I’m awesome! Look at what I just did!” Afterwards, you start to see stuff differently because you’ve grown a new part of you that didn’t exist beforehand: a golden nugget of self-belief that makes you powerful and resilient.

I know that hiking to Brisbane isn’t going to be easy. The hardest part will be organising everything: getting the distances right between campsites, ensuring I have enough food and water and mapping out the exact route I will follow. I’ve never walked 465km before, but I came close in 2016 on a long hike I did from Mount Perry to Toowoomba. I have no doubts that I can do it, or really anything I put my mind to. Maybe you’d like to join me, even if just for part of the hike. You don’t even have to camp out overnight if you don’t want to because I’ll be walking through a lot of populated areas.

Once I’ve got the details pinned down I’ll post updates as I have them.

Ohhh, it’s going to be fun!

How to hike 465km?

Put one foot after the other