The Silver Brumby

I was doing a course on the awesome free elearning platform Future Learn the other day and came across a writing award that commemorates the excellent Australian author, Elyne Mitchell, who lives on through her work, The Silver Brumby. From the award website:

“Inspired by Elyne Mitchell’s work, the Writing Award seeks to encourage writers to share their stories and to keep the art of storytelling alive.  It gives rural life profile not only through country authors, but urban dwellers also write stories about their experiences and dreams about country life.  It doesn’t matter where you are in Australasia – we want to read your story.”

Do it! Write a story. If you’ve never done anything like this before, it will be an adventure. Once you’ve got your story completed and want an outside perspective, let me know and I can check it out for you. Writing short stories is a great way to build confidence in your writing and in yourself. It’s amazing to look at a story and think, this never existed before I wrote it down.

I’ve written butt loads of short stories and I never thought I’d do anything with them, but recently I have compiled some into a collection that is now being edited for publication and I’m working my way through another collection. After that there will be two more collections and most of the stories that will fill these are ones I’d written years ago. All it took to bring my stories back to life was to shift my view of what they were. I used to think of them as silly and a waste of time, but once I gathered them altogether, I could see they were nothing of the kind.

It all starts with one word