Fraser Island Great Walk (free version)


Fraser Island, Qld, Australia


TBA in 2019

What you need

You’ll have to get to the island on your own, so you’ll need to arrange everything yourself in regards to that, including your camping permits. You’ll also need all of your own gear and food. Click here for tips on how to organise your meals for a hiking trip.

What’s involved

Meeting up with me en route at a point of your choosing anywhere along the great walk track. I’m walking on Fraser Island as part of an extended hike that will end at Tewantin. I’ll be travelling from the northern section of the island through to Hook Point and catching the ferry to Inskip. If you are unsure of hiking on your own, this is a great opportunity to be accompanied by an experienced hiker who has excellent local knowledge and can provide environmental interpretation. The best point for meeting would probably be Kingfisher Bay resort, which is the landing point of the ferry from River Heads.

 Me at Dili Village on the Fraser Island Great walk in 2015.

Here I’m wearing Murder Boots. On the last day I took them off, cut up a t-shirt and used it to strap socks onto my feet so I could walk in them. The worst boots of all time!