Adventurer Bios


This is the page where you get to read about adventurous people that aren’t me. Some of them you will have heard of before, but others will be everyday people, just like you and me; people who think differently and who are willing to take a chance to achieve what they can’t.

“Fear’s not here. I kicked out doubt, so I have no excuse to hide or run”

Bliss n Eso



Dylis Price

From Cardiff in Wales (UK), Dylis Price is one cool chick! She’s in her mid-eighties and still sky dives. Dylis holds the world record for being the oldest female skydiver. She didn’t start jumping out of perfectly good planes until she was in her fifties. She has completed over 1100 jumps and won medals and all kinds of kudos for skydiving and the other cool stuff she’s done in her life to support people who need it. I watched her give this great TEDx talk about why it’s never too late to start being adventurous.



My favourite skydiver: Dylis Price (source: WalesOnline)


Mr Anstis

My grade six teacher Mr Anstis was by far the most memorable teacher I had during my 13 years of state schooling.  He wasn’t a permanent teacher, only showing up when a permanent teacher was sick or on holidays. He always taught grade five and above, so I’d had him a few times by the time grade six rolled around in 1997. I thought about him a lot when he was on supply at other schools. What if he never comes back? I’d worry. Eventually he’d show up, even if it was only for a day or two here or there and everyone attempted to avoid him on playground duty because he never stopped shouting at kids the whole lunch hour! He had zero tolerance, so everyone in my class wasn’t sure how the rest of our year would pan out when he was appointed as our permanent teacher after our existing teacher bailed on us.

Mr Anstis was the coolest teacher I ever had. He was an adventurer because of his novel approach to learning, discipline and to living life. He marked our work with dollar values in place of scores out of ten or twenty. We used the money we earned for our work to chalk up our net worth on a board at the front of the room. He read us stories that he had written himself and encouraged us to be creative and original. He spoke with passion about being a writer and the things you could do if you applied yourself and used your imagination.  He was the strictest teacher I had during primary school, but never spiteful. He certainly never used discipline to hurt any of us, which was contrary to the way many other teachers behaved. We all liked and respected him and rarely did any of us step out of line.

In everyday life he was free-spirited and lived in the moment, doing things that no other teacher would dare to do. As I got older I saw him around town here and there. His big personality on display, I’d watch him laughing and joking with someone over a game of pool in the pub.  I don’t know what became of him though. I really hope he continued to be the same awesome teacher that I’d known all those years ago.


grade 6


See what I’ve done here? Even though this page is meant to be about people who aren’t me, I’ve been able to twist it around to make it about me! Clever hey…or…maybe just really annoying and narcissistic. Oh well, no time for caring, gotta go check the mirror.

Dancing Tommy Franklin

“You don’t have to be drunk to feel the funk,” says Tommy. I love this guy! He’s a non-drinking party animal who loves dancing and is a seriously happy dude. He’s been hailed the Ambassador of Smiles and works in cahoots with an Australian charity called Hello Sunday Morning. This cool bunch of people are out to get Aussies to think about their alcohol consumption; why do we consume it, how much are we consuming and how much impact is it having on our lives.

Tommy busts into spontaneous dance wherever and whenever he feels like it. He lives In Byron Bay these days and was just an everyday person (well, kind of) until  some random strangers caught his shenanigans on video and posted it to YouTube where his funky moves, unmotivated by alcohol caught the attention of lots of people. I think what he does is awesome! His adventurous spirit, one that challenges the social norm that says “you can’t dance in public, and certainly not without being under the influence of some kind of substance” continues to inspire people to live outside of societal expectations. Look at these early morning dance parties on the ABC website:


Dancing Tommy Franklin (source: Onepiece via YouTube)