450km Solo Hike for Brain Injury

On the 17th of September I will set off on a 450km solo and unsupported hike from my home in Woodgate to the Brisbane CBD (itinerary). I’m doing this to raise funds and awareness for Brain Injury. All the money I raise will go to The PA Research Foundation and STEPS, which are collaborators in providing rehabilitation for those struck down with a traumatic brain injury.

Having a brain injury myself, I am a member of my local STEPS support group who meet in Bundaberg every month. Brain injury is known as the invisible disability and I’m looking forward to using my own experience and that of all my STEPS buddies to talk to people I meet along the way about what it means to live with such a disability. I’m also looking forward to challenging myself to do what I know is going to be hardcore so I can come out the other side an even cooler person than I already am. Who would’ve thought that was even possible; pinnacle of coolness, here I come!

I’d love it if you could support me. Here’s a link to my PA fundraising platform:


If you want to catch up along the route, let me know and I’d be happy to let you give me a nice cup of tea or a milkshake or corn chips. These are things I always fantasise about on a long hike. Check out my itinerary here if you are keen.

This is me on my 2016Β  hike for brain cancer

I walked 375km on my own from Mt Perry to Toowoomba



4 thoughts on “450km Solo Hike for Brain Injury

  1. Great blog, I love reading your funny and enthusiastic posts – so much positivity. I totally agree with your observations that it’s so easy to focus on what we aren’t/can’t do instead of measuring all the amazing things we can and have done. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures 😊


    • Thanks! I’m glad you think they’re funny πŸ™‚ That’s kind of hard to gauge. Like, do I write this way and come off potentially sounding like a dickhead, or do I write that way and still sound like a dickhead, but maybe not such a big one. I decided that size doesn’t count because it’s dicks all the way down anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha no, I like your self-deprecating humour and honesty. It’s so much more fun to read than the flood of ‘look at me I’m so good’ blogs that seem to exist.


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