Facebook Fundraiser: REJECTED

Ugh, Facebook is dumb. They rejected my personal fundraiser. They tried to tell me that I can’t use a personal fundraiser to raise funds for a not-for-profit. Obviously they didn’t even read the information because I’m trying to raise money for a hiking tent. I can’t see how a not-for-profit would need a hiking tent, but I could be wrong.

Maybe there’s like this secret society within all not-for-profits that are underhandedly  sequestering hiking tents and fakebook knows this and wants to prevent the secret society from getting what it wants. It all goes back to olden-times when the world was run by the evil Hiking Overlord who ruled with an iron hiking pole and disallowed fakebook from setting up groups and offering boosts and providing audiences. Fakebook over took the evil overlord and vowed to never again to succumb to Hiking’s strict regime. “My own regime I will make!” Decreed fakebook and has ever since feared even the mention of not-for-profits, hiking tents and charity in the one paragraph.

But maybe it’s because it’s not a human and has picked up on the word charity in the story. I questioned them about it and the response from “Alex” made no sense at all, which means that it probably is a computer-generated response.

Below is what I’d originally posted with a link to the fundraiser. You can still click below to see the tent.

Just created a fundraiser on my old “buddy” fakebook. It’s to help with my upcoming charity hike for brain injury.

It would be great if you check it out

Click here to see what I’m fundraising for


Hopefully I can get them to fix it. If not, I’ll have to delete the whole thing and start again. Poo Bum Wee!!!! Uggghhhhh: