You’re an Amateur and that’s O.K.

I”ve climbed one mountain in 27 years, so I’m not really what you’d call a climber, but what Jen (obviously she’s awesome with a name like that) talks about here is totally relatable to pretty much everything in life and is certainly my own approach to living a life that matters. I know I’m never going to be the best at one thing, but that means I get to do lots of things, which sometimes come together to create an ability where none previously existed. This approach to life opens up your existence and delivers opportunities in a never-ending sphere of awesomeness.


Jen Alger is a whimsical and hilarious commentator on training, climbing, and all things LIFE related.  Jen’s background in theater scrupulously shines throughout her storytelling and writing. We are fortunate to be able to share Jen’s three part series on her past, present, and future endeavors in climbing.  For a more detailed look at what Jen has been up to, check her out on Instagram @chubbygirlclimbing 

You’re an Amateur and that’s OK: My future in climbing

I have been fascinated with climbing for a long time. Way before I actually started doing it regularly. I tell many people about my family’s obsession with watching Cliffhanger. If you’ve never seen it, the beginning involves Sylvester Stallone free soloing a ridiculous route and then yeeting a chick and her teddy bear from thousands of feet in the air. I may be paraphrasing a little.

Vertical Limit – another…

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