Hold on tight, you know she’s a little bit dangerous…

Not that long ago I was told I was too dangerous to do a task. I’d never heard this said of me before, and it took me totally by surprise. In other words it blew my fucking mind! Not only was I too dangerous, but it was also implied that I was too stupid. Of course, this was said to me by a tiny little man and his tiny little cronies. What they actually should have said to me is, “you are scaring us because you’re smarter than us, more adventurous than us, and have done a lot of honorable things in the community. You have also overcome a lot of barriers to achieve some pretty amazing shit, and all of this is making us get even smaller, so please go away and don’t come back.”

I feel sorry for these tiny little people with their small view of the world and their miniature lives made up of whinging and finger pointing. Ohhh, poor little poppets. Ohhh, so sad. The thing is, sarcasm aside, it is actually sad because it doesn’t have to be that way and it’s obvious that none of them can possibly be happy in their own lives. Happy people and good people don’t treat other people like “things” so that they can simply avoid having to take responsibility. Only bad people treat other people like they don’t matter and only tiny little people do things to intentionally harm other people. That’s how I know I’m not like them: I would never do anything to hurt anyone else, nor do I ever shirk responsibility. Not ever.

Learning through mistakes is the best way to learn a real lesson. This is why I never shirk responsibility. If I can’t acknowledge that I’ve made a mistake, then how can I ever learn anything? I’m not making this up, there’s heaps of books written about learning that reiterate this. I guess that’s where the tininess comes from: you’ll stay tiny if you don’t learn, and you can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes (or if you avoid taking responsibility for anything), and you can’t avoid making mistakes because guess what? We’re all human and live in the real world. Tiny people don’t grow as people because they’re stuck blaming other people for shit that’s gone wrong and can’t get past their own tiny view of reality, the one where they’re masters of the universe and never make mistakes or need to question their thought processes. Again, how sad and sorry this is because it doesn’t have to be this way at all.

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of tiny men. They have a lot of issues and are never easy to deal with. It’s not the fact that they’re men, it’s the tininess that’s the problem. Ask any girl. She’ll tell you the same thing.