Women’s Adventure Film Tour

Because I care so much about adventure and women’s health I am giving the lucky buggers in Bundaberg and surrounding areas the opportunity to come to an awesome event on the 8th of September. The Women’s Adventure Film Tour is a conglomeration of inspirational short films about girls and women of all ages from Australia and around the world. It showcases everyday women and girls doing amazing things in spectacular locations all around the planet. The films are all beautiful and moving; once seen, never forgotten.

I am personally hosting this event at the Moncrief Theatre and I really hope I can count on the support of the community to make it a success. If nothing else, you will get to see me get up on stage and talk for no more than five minutes about how great I am. Then, if you are really lucky, you will be able to buy my book called One Foot After the Other, which is an account of a long distance solo hike I undertook in 2016…hopefully…the book isn’t published yet, but fingers crossed it will be. I can always take orders though, so don’t despair, you won’t miss out!

I’m still trying to sort tickets out, so I will post a link for them when they become available. They will be $12 each, which is a reduced price I have negotiated based on social inclusion and demographics. Normally they’re $25.

Here’s one of my favourite films from last year’s tour: